Renewable Juneau Turns 5!

We know there’s more to do, but right now, we’re celebrating!

Five years of renewable energy education and advocacy!
JOIN US as we celebrate!

Here is just a short list of some of the accomplishments that we’re celebrating on this 5th birthday!

  • 2016 – 2020
    Raising awareness of the benefits of heat pumps with free educational workshops
  • 2016 – Present
    Supporting the electrification of public and private transportation; working for electric vehicle adoption, charging infrastructure, and an electrified city bus fleet
  • 2017-2018
    Helping to propel the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy to adoption by the Juneau assembly and mayor
  • 2019
    Partnering in the formation of Alaska Heat Smart, Juneau’s heat pump education and consultation non profit and leader of Alaska’s first Thermalize Campaign.
  • 2019 – Present
    Assisting lower income families through creation of the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund, our vehicle to address energy and climate justice
  • 2020 – Present
    Raising public awareness of the importance of dock electrification and working to create a clean, healthy, no-idle zone for our summer crusing visitors
Most importantly, Renewable Juneau is keeping the big picture first and foremost, 80% renewable energy by 2045!
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Support our education and outreach efforts in teaching about the climate and monetary benefits of space heating with a heat pump instead of oil.

$80 will power the average air source electric heat pump for one chilly month.


Support our work to advocate for the electrification of Juneau’s cruise ship docks.

$100 will earn you the title of ‘Dock Ambassador’!


Take charge of your carbon output with our Juneau Carbon Offset Fund!

$75 will offset a car’s gas for 6 months. And, you can visit our store at


Help to fund our work to realize the climate and energy goals of the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy that seek 80% renewable energy by 2045!


Or, keep it simple and just grace us with an anniversary gift donation!

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What’s Next?
There’s much to be done and we’re already in motion!
A few items on our to do list include:

  • Encouraging the CBJ to electrify its small vehicle fleet, and to continue to replace all Capital Transit buses with electric ones.
  • Supporting plugging in all cruise ships when they’re at dock.  Providing shore power should be a condition for any permit for a new NCL dock.
  • Supporting the development of a downtown circulator bus system to move tourists, and provide better access to downtown.
  • Supporting a public/private partnership for a downtown heating district — to reduce carbon emissions and costs of heating.
  • Help connect the Kensington Mine to clean hydropower — to reduce carbon emissions from their diesel generation and reduce the risk of fuel spills in Berners Bay.