The E-Bike Is Pure Joy

Have you ridden one yet? Well, the headline is true. Pure joy! So fun!

I had a hip replaced in June and the doc told me at two weeks I could begin peddling a stationary bike. In no time I had scoured Craigslist, found the bike, and had it ready to go in one of the kid’s bedrooms. At two weeks I climbed aboard, peddled for not even 60 seconds, and that was it! WOW! BORING!! No way. No can do. (No judgement here, but this riding in place thing just didn’t work out for me!)

I quickly recalled the fact that tucked in our garage was a friend’s commuter e-bike that we had borrowed, just to try it out. “Hey…if I can peddle in place (which I more or less failed at), I can surely ride an e-bike!” Boom. I was off. 5 miles that day, 10 the next, 20 the next. Easy peasy!! I’m back!

My wife started to ride it to work, coming home one day declaring it not safe to ride. Huh? Unsafe? “Why would you want to ride an ‘analog’ bike ever again?” she asked. Oh! That kind of unsafe! As in no more exercise…I’m e-biking!

Turns out you can get a workout. It may just take a bit longer and you may have to go a bit further. And, you may have to dig deep and force yourself to dial down the power a bit so your legs can do their part. But, oh so fun! Get up and go! That acceleration!

This great piece from Outside Online features a diversity of anecdotal bits from real world e-bike believers and the stories that led them to this new fresh air, climate-friendly, mode of super fun transportation.

And, you’re in luck! Tomorrow, Saturday, September 24, from 11:30 – 1:00pm, is the annual EV (and now E-bike) Roundup! Find the fun at 300 Egan Drive. Flyer HERE! Local vendors will be showing off their e-bikes and some may be available for test rides! Bring your wallet cause you may want to take one home!!

Read the story here: The E-Bike Is Pure Joy – Outside Online