Heat Pumps

Heat pumps. Ingenious. Game changing. Efficient. Local. A heat pump will allow you to heat your home, office or other building cost effectively without burning any fossil fuels.

If you have a refrigerator, you already own the technology. Your fridge moves heat from the air inside the unit out of its base or back, chilling the interior to keep your milk and leftovers cool. A heat pump reverses the process to move heat from outdoor air into your home.

Heat pumps are perfectly suited for Juneau.  The new generation of cold climate air source heat pumps operate efficiently down to 0F or even colder.  They often make a house more comfortable and allow you to get rid of the old oil tank.  They run on electricity generated by Juneau’s renewable hydropower, so they don’t pollute the air or create greenhouse gas emissions. And did we mention the cost savings?

• Converting to a heat pump can cut more than 50% from your heating bills
• Typical payback time is 3-7 years
• Doubles as an air conditioner on those uncommon hot summer days
• Some models allow control from your phone, even from afar!

Hundreds of Juneau homes and businesses have converted to efficient heat pumps in recent years. Several local installers say they are adding one per week to the tally. Juneau also has extensive experience with ground source heat pumps, which have heated AEL&P’s headquarters for decades, and supply heat to the airport, the Dimond Park pool and the Auke Bay school. The Ted Stevens Marine Institute is heated with sea water source heat pumps.

More information and inspiration:

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