Success Stories

We’ve been heating 1,900 ft2 with two monitor stoves, along with electric baseboards for backup in winter. As the oil stoves aged, we looked for alternatives that would save money and get us off fossil fuels. Hearing about heat pumps at last year’s Home Show, we did our homework and chose to have two mini-split air source heat pumps installed as direct replacements for the oil stoves.

The upstairs unit is rated at 12,000 BTU and the downstairs unit at 9,000 BTU. Total installation cost was $5,855. Performance and cost efficiency have improved markedly! Electrical power usage for the heat pumps and baseboards combined have been about $35 more each winter month than prior use with baseboards alone (about $85/month). And now, no oil bills, which averaged $135 per month in winter.

MH and DW, West Juneau

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