Success Story 2

Converting a drafty 1912 ‘mining shack’ to a more energy efficient home was a major process for a downtown family, but the results were significant. The first steps were energy efficiency improvements in 2001, including insulating the basement and sealing up leaks. Then in 2008, the 1100 sq.ft. home was retrofitted from an oil-fired octopus style furnace with a Goodman SSZ16 heat pump, a modern and efficient air to air system with traditional ducting. The conversion, which included replacing and adding ductwork, was partially funded through the energy rebate program of the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. Average heating bills are estimated at roughly $52 per month over the past 8 years. “If a heat pump can work for our old leaky house, it should work for ANY house in Juneau.”

MH, Juneau

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