2019 Election Survey

Following on the positive public feedback that we received from our last local candidate survey, Renewable Juneau recently presented a series of energy and sustainability questions to this fall’s slate of assembly candidates. All answers are available in this downloadable PDF file. If for some reason this file does not work for you, send an…

What You Can Do!

It has become common knowledge that the planet is facing a climate crisis. This is a time when all aboard our little planet need access to as many action tools as possible. Juneau is an action town, as are many of our great communities across the nation. We like to get things done, to take…

New Solar + Battery Price Crushes Fossil Fuels, Buries Nuclear

“This is the lowest solar-photovoltaic price in the United States,” said James Barner, the agency’s manager for strategic initiatives, “and it is the largest and lowest-cost solar and high-capacity battery-storage project in the U.S. and we believe in the world today.” Source: New Solar + Battery Price Crushes Fossil Fuels, Buries Nuclear

There’s nothing natural about natural gas

“There is no reality where we’re meeting our climate goals and still burning gas in our homes,” Panama Bartholomy, the Coalition’s director, told me. Two weeks ago, contractors working at the corner of Geary Boulevard and Parker Avenue hit a gas line. The incident caused an explosion and a fire that burned for hours. Source:…

Want To Limit Global Warming? Electrify Everything| CleanTechnica

After more than 4 years of research, scientists at LUT and Energy Watch Group say the world could reduce its carbon emissions to zero by 2050. All we need is the will to make the transition happen. Source: Want To Limit Global Warming? Electrify Everything, Finds Study | CleanTechnica

Renewable Heating Project Moves Forward

Renewable heating coming to downtown Juneau! Like the Ted Stevens NOAA Lab and the Seward Sea Life Center, Juneau District Heating will use salt water heat pumps to pull heat from the ocean, heat water and move it into downtown buildings. Goodbye oil! Goodbye CO2! Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Juneau District Heating expects to spend…

Committee makes ‘electrifying’ decision | Juneau Empire

Assembly Votes to Move Forward with Dock Electrification Wednesday night, Juneau’s city assembly voted to direct $300,000 of marine passenger fee money, instead of a proposed $250,000, to go toward “Large Berth Shore Power Preliminary Design & Cost Estimate” rather than a feasibility study. Renewable Juneau will have additional analysis of this positive development soon….