Inflation Reduction Act: WOW!

Yes…there are and will be a bazillion news pieces on the passage of this FAT climate and energy package. And, there should be! THIS IS SO OVERDUE!

The Canary Media article linked below is a good one and features a nice list of links to other resources chock full of info and answers.

Still, there are many questions that we would like answers to and we hope to track them down as soon as possible. Our friends at Alaska Heat Smart will be doing the same so look for news from their desks too! Heat Smart hopes to soon have an FAQ page on their site.

Some of our questions include:

  • Should I buy a heat pump now or should I wait?
  • What is the income cut off for some of these energy rebates and incentives?
  • If I invest now in energy efficiency, will the legislation be retroactive?
  • Can local program incentives be combined with these new national benefits?
  • What agency in Alaska will be overseeing the handling of Alaska’s slice of this meaty pie?

Answers hopefully coming soon! If you have questions that you feel we should answer for our readers, share them with us at

Inflation Reduction Act: Follow Canary’s coverage | Canary Media

Inflation Reduction Act: Follow Canary’s coverage | Canary Media