Your Anti-EV Arguments Are Baseless

Change is the name of the EV game.

What? Huh? What about those evil lithium mines? What about all those horrible carbon emissions from electric vehicle battery production? What about…

True, the fossil fuel industry is clean and tidy, kinda like my clothes closet, a small space in my house that both my wife and children refuse to enter. For safety reasons. But hey, my repository of outdoor clothing in search of the washing machine is a work in progress. It’s getting better, I promise.

Same goes with the electric vehicle industry. The business, science, and tech of the EV world is truly a work in progress. This is an industry in diapers, still in its infancy, growing daily and a very long ways away from maturing. Not that we can’t enjoy the youngster Leafs and Bolts – and do we ever! I love my Leaf! But, change is the name of this game and improvements are the norm.

Longer range capabilities, new and different battery types, cleaner and more efficient production methods are all seemingly daily news events. This article in Inside Climate News touts the amazing Chinese Zeekr and its 621 mile range! That’s nearly 10x the range of my almost 10 year old Nissan Leaf!

Lithium ion batteries may be the ‘fuel’ of today’s EV fleet, but it appears highly unlikely that will not be the case in the years ahead. An extraordinary sum of cash is being funneled into battery science. Just this year, the Department of Energy announced a nearly $3 billion effort to “boost production of the advanced batteries that are critical to rapidly growing clean energy industries of the future.” How about an ‘iron-air’ battery, using the most common element in the earth’s crust as the chief ingredient?

After you read this, be sure to send me your news clippings on the rapid and earth-shattering advancements of today’s internal combustion auto industry. I especially want to read the news detailing why my 2017 Honda CRV gets 1/2 the gas milage of my old beloved 1980 Datsun B210!

An EV With 600 Miles of Range Is Tantalizingly Close – Inside Climate News

An EV With 600 Miles of Range Is Tantalizingly Close – Inside Climate News