Our Anniversary!

Renewable Juneau turns 5 this week!

In celebration of our five year anniversary, we’ll be raising a glass, looking back over a busy five years of renewable energy advocacy and education,
and looking ahead to our next five years!

We hope you’ll pledge your support to our vision and our mission, and we hope you’ll share our news. There’s much to be done! We have the wind at our backs and with your help, we can keep the needle moving as we try to reach Juneau’s goal of 80% renewable energy by 2045.

Later this week, for five days that culminate in Giving Tuesday,
we’ll fire up our 5th Anniversary fundraiser.

As a birthday gift to ourselves, we’re rolling out a new logo, a fresh new image with an optimistic sunrise, a sweeping glacier representative of much needed change, and a mountain summit symbolizing the climb still before us. We hope you join us in celebrating and also join us in embracing the challenges ahead.
The bigger our team, the more success we’ll realize!