…for the latest round of updates regarding the future of the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area. Comments on proposed updates to bus parking, possible boats on the lake (diesel?), and whether or not renewable energy and climate issues will be addressed in the plans are due by March 19.

Yes, this process has been ongoing for a long time, and yes, it is often hard to feel as if we are being heard. But, persist we will and comments we will submit. Take a few moments and read Renewable Juneau’s latest comments. Click HERE for a pdf of our thoughts and concerns, submitted to the planners a few days ago.

Renewable Juneau has asked for the following: NO expanded bus parking near the visitor center; NO vehicle access close to the existing facilities; remote parking for cars and buses during the summer with an electric shuttle system to move people to the facilities; manage for the future with an eye on climate change, renewable energy and sustainability. We will continue to push for these elements of a modern, intelligent and responsible plan. We encourage you to do the same.

Your comments on this proposal can be sent to by March 19.