For those households that meet eligibility criteria, the application process for the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund’s free heat pumps is now open!

Over the last three months, the Fund has sold enough carbon offsets to finance the installation of at least two air source heat pumps in lower-income Juneau homes! Each heat pump will replace an oil burning heating system and prevent the creation of approximately 17,000 pounds of CO2 annually per home!

If you know of a family who may meet the lower-income eligibility requirements (see table below) and who is ready to cut their heating bills by up to half, and stop burning oil, direct them to the Juneau Carbon Offset’s APPLY page. (We’ll have printed application forms available this week.)

Median Annual Income table

The initial application process is quick and easy! Those households that earn less than 80% of Area Median Income and currently heat their home with a Monitor or Toyo diesel stove may apply now.

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund thanks the dozens of carbon offset purchasers who have made these first heat pumps available to Juneau families. Your responsible investments will soon be doing as you intended – preventing the creation of nearly 17 tons of CO2 annually.

A special thanks to our first two business sponsors, Alaska Litho and the Leighty Foundation. Their support of this exciting climate and energy program is invaluable! Thanks are also due to the Juneau Community Foundation for their administrative assistance and professional financial oversight.

If you haven’t purchased carbon offsets with the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund yet, we urge you to do so! This is a simple and effective means of taking responsibility for that portion of your carbon footprint that you cannot eliminate. And, your offset purchases will directly assist a Juneau family in cutting heating costs while reducing emissions. If you are a business owner and would like to become a supporting partner to the Fund, we encourage you to visit our Partners page where you can share your interest with us and direct questions our way.

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