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The Leighty Foundation has become the latest Supporting Partner of the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund! With support from the Leighty Foundation, the Fund will realize its first year goal of two lower-income family oil to heat pump conversions this fall!

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From Nancy Waterman, Secretary & Managing Director and Bill Leighty, President-Elect, “The Leighty Foundation supports keeping its energy dollars in Juneau. Join us to fund complete, small air-source heat pump systems so that lower-income Juneau families can go “fossil free”, reducing CO2 emissions and reducing their annual heating bills. The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund fits with our strong personal and business commitment to move Juneau from its current 20% reliance on local renewable energy to a firm 80% of energy from CO2 emission-free sources as soon as we prudently can.  

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund is a direct, effective, and local way to reduce Juneau’s home heating CO2 emissions. Offsetting one passenger’s Juneau-to-Seattle one-way flight would add $7.00 to the Fund. If all 150 passengers on that flight contributed that amount, that’s $1,050. Ten flights in one summer day would generate $10,500, enough to finance slightly more than two complete, small air-source heat pump conversions, allowing two families to suddenly go “fossil free”. 

Bill travels about 25,000 miles per year, mostly to energy conferences for The Leighty Foundation’s Earth Protection program. This program encourages “thinking beyond electricity systems” to accelerate humanity’s urgent goal of transforming the world’s largest industry from ~ 85% fossil to ~ 100% CO2-emission-free, renewable energy sources — as quickly as we prudently and profitably can.  Those jet-fueled miles would cost about $185 per year to offset.  Join us at whatever “external cost offset” payment you calculate for your impact, knowing that every dollar will buy a Juneau family a carbon-free heating system…better for the whole community, it’s energy goals and it’s clean energy future.”

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