What You Can Do!

It has become common knowledge that the planet is facing a climate crisis. This is a time when all aboard our little planet need access to as many action tools as possible. Juneau is an action town, as are many of our great communities across the nation. We like to get things done, to take action, to be a part of the solution.

Following are a few tools that you can use, now.

These tools will not only help you feel a tiny bit better about our planet’s fever, but will help our efforts to chip away at the rising curve of the temperature. The cumulative effect of all of our efforts will be will be a shift in the needle and the still very real possibility of putting some chill on the heat.

  • Offset the carbon footprint that you cannot eliminate with the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund. Sometimes you’re gonna get on that plane. Feel better about that getaway here.
  • Don’t be trapped into thinking that the price of an electric vehicle is out of your reach. Lightly used and previously-leased Nissan Leaf’s are still available for around $10,000. For a great electric car that never visits the gas pumps and possibly not even the mechanic, this is a super deal! See our brochure and EV pages here.
  • One of the more effective carbon-slashing steps you can take right now is to lose the oil heating system and replace it a heat pump. My new pump has been running for a month now and oh my! I love it! It will pay for itself in about 2.5 years. A small bit of investment, but oil free. Local hydro. ‘Heat Locally.’ Check out Renewable Juneau’s heat pump pages here and contact an installer today to see what your home’s needs are.
  • Attend today’s climate rally at the capitol steps at noon. Let’s let the International Forum on Sovereign Wealth Funds know that Alaskan’s want PFD divestment from oil stocks.
  • Contact the Juneau Assembly, City Manager and Mayor and thank them for all of their great recent work on pushing the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategies goal of 80% renewable energy by 2045. Read Margo Waring’s recent ‘thank you’ op-ed here!
  • Reach out to local groups such as Renewable Juneau, 350Juneau, Interfaith Power & Light and find out more about how you can be more involved. As Anchorage musician Libby Roderick stated at her Juneau show last year, “Advocacy is the rent we pay for living on this earth.”