IN THE NEWS: Juneau Carbon Offset Fund

Travel Weekly: In Juneau…New Carbon Offset Options for Travelers

Travel Weekly, a national newspaper for the travel industry geared toward travel agents, has been educating and informing travel and tour professionals across the nation since 1958. Travel Weekly correspondent Renee Brincks published her story today detailing Renewable Juneau’s Carbon Offset Fund. Brincks does a splendid job detailing the Fund, how it operates, what our hopes are for the Fund’s future, as well as how travelers, residents and businesses can all be take part in educating travelers, reducing emissions, and assisting lower-income Juneau families.

“A lot of organizations want to do something socially responsible when they come to Juneau, and this is fairly easy for them. It helps our lower-income residents and certainly provides benefits for the wider community, as well,” Travel Juneau President and CEO Liz Perry said. “This is a friendly and easy way to raise awareness and help cruise passengers, independent visitors and meeting attendees understand the impact that they have on any given town that they might visit.”

Source: In Juneau, new carbon offset options for travelers: Travel Weekly