Plug in the Ships & Eliminate Downtown Toxic Smog

Below is a link to our petition that asks the City Assembly to direct marine passenger fees from summer cruise visitors towards building the infrastructure needed to plug the ships into shore power. The language of the petition reads as follows:

Never before has there been a better time to run electric power to Juneau’s cruise ship docks, power that will allow ships to shut down their engines while in port. Let’s create Juneau’s cruise ship no-idle zone. Passenger head tax money will help cover the costs, industry leaders have expressed their support, passenger levels have reached an all-time high (1.3 million expected this year) and the number and size of visiting ships continues to rise. Studies have been done both here and up and down the east and west coasts. We know this works. Montreal recently powered four berths for approximately $2 million each, far less than the $13 million for one berth that a local study concluded. These same ships plug in while berthed in Seattle, Vancouver and in other major ports. We started this in 2001. Let’s finish the job.

I urge you to support the allocation of marine passenger fees to begin the work needed to power our docks and prevent the idling of summer cruise ships.

Juneau started this process nearly twenty years ago and it’s time to complete the job, clean the exhaust from our air and help Juneau to meet its energy, health and climate goals. I ask for no further studies and no wasting of both time and money. Instead, I ask for design work to be completed and the project put out to bid, using CBJ marine passenger receipts.​