Dock Electrification

The city has issued a May 2 deadline for public comment on how best to use the marine passenger fees collected from each Juneau cruise ship visitor.

“We don’t live in Alaska to breathe air like that,” Bridget LaPenter said during a Juneau Commission on Sustainability session. “At this point it’s fairly outrageous.”

Yes, you may have commented before and yes, you may feel that your comments go unheard. BUT, when comments poured in to CBJ inboxes about 6 weeks ago, the sheer volume came as a huge surprise to many! It is apparent that Juneau cares about this issue more than ever. We do have a voice and our city leaders need to hear that voice! Again.

Send your comments to these two addresses:;

Below are links to resources to help you frame your concerns about the impacts that our summer visitor industry has on our downtown air quality and viewshed. There is a wealth of information readily available that speaks to health concerns, climate concerns, cost concerns and much more.

In summary, it seems quite clear that:

  • There has been a renewed call for spending money on additional studies – time and money that will be wasted to show what has already been studied and proven in many north American cities – shore power works. No more studies! No more stalling.
  • Cruise ships in port emit the same amount of exhaust as thousands of cars.
  • Cruise ship smoke in port is extremely unhealthy.
  • Many, if not all, of the cruise lines are in favor of plugging in to shore power and shutting down their engines while in port.
  • Most visiting ships are plug-in ready and they many plug in while berthed in Seattle and Vancouver.
  • The cost of building the necessary infrastructure may be far less than previous RECENT studies have shown.
  • In the average Juneau water year, there is enough power to electrify ships in port.
  • Recent court rulings indicate that the use of marine passenger fees for dock electrification are an ideal way to help cover the costs of protecting our health.