Got 5 Minutes? Now?

Renewable Juneau is asking you to contact the city manager and assembly.

A CBJ recommendation regarding the use of head tax money will be made to the assembly tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb 6 at 5:30.  Juneau community input is crucial. 

Yesterday’s post on the Renewable Juneau blog detailed the rapidly growing awareness of the need to put a stop to cruise ship in-port idling and it shattered all of our previous web visit records! Juneau is ready. People are fired up!

It’s time to electrify the cruise ship docks and time for our city leaders to act. It’s time to focus on community health, our pristine Alaskan air quality and the modernization of our infrastructure. It’s time to lose the summer smog over Juneau.

Email our city manager and Assembly now. 

Rorie Watt, Juneau City Manager:

Juneau Assembly:

Let them know of your support for using marine passenger fees to build the electrical connections it will take to plug ships in and reduce emissions.

See our post from yesterday if you need background or additional factual information. AND, don’t stop with your email. Rope in at least one other (if not more) family member or friend! Then again, why stop at one? Go for a half dozen!

Thanks for helping to keep Juneau clean, vibrant and engaged.
The Board of Renewable Juneau