Juneau Climate Report Just Out!

After many, many months of work, the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center and the University of Alaska Southeast are excited to announce the completion of their comprehensive report on Juneau and climate change.

The report “is designed as a living document to inform the community, decision makers, and academics and to serve as a learning and teaching tool. The nine key messages summarized on pages 6 and 7 are intended for use as a quick reference. Unique for this type of report, these key messages highlight actions by Juneau’s civil society, including local nonprofit organizations. The report begins with an introduction by Raymond Paddock, Environmental Coordinator for the Climate Change Adaptation Plan prepared by the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCHITA). We recommend you read it in full along with this report.”

In the 15 years that have elapsed since Juneau’s scientific panel first convened to examine its impacts on our community, the city and various citizen initiatives have together built on its foundations. This update comes at a propitious time, the outset of a new federal administration that acknowledges that climate change is the pre-eminent challenge of our generation.

Thursday, July 14 at 9 a.m. you are invited to join authors of the newly released Juneau climate report from the UAS Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center to hear about the impacts and response to climate change in Juneau and ask local experts, scientists, and managers your questions.

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Jim Powell of the Center shares this at the report’s beginning:

We thank the City and Borough of Juneau (CBJ) for its support in bringing this vital information on climate change to the Juneau community and to others. Thanks especially to all the co-authors and other contributors.The inclusion of such a diverse array of material, including local knowledge, was made possible by the many elders, scientists, and local experts who contributed their time and expertise. The report is online at acrc.alaska.edu/juneau-climate-report. It is an honor to be the lead editor and project manager for this critical effort. We have a chance to save our world from the most extreme effects of climate change. Let us take it.

Gunalchéesh, sincerely, 

James E.Powell (Jim), PhD, Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center, UAS 

A full pdf of the report can be downloaded from the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center’s website here.

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