A Guide to Get You Pumped About Heat Pump Dryers


Come on! Who doesn’t just love the next exciting story about household appliances? And about clothes dryers, no doubt! Shut the front door!

Well, for all you current heat pump lovers out there and for all you soon-to-be heat pump lovers, this is the next exciting thing to have! If you have been lucky enough to watch JCPenny’s failed jewelry commercial, “Beware of the Doghouse”, when he gives her a dualbag vacuum to celebrate their anniversary (note – think twice before giving such a gift), this exciting twist on an old garage or laundry room standby could just be your doghouse antidote.

Heat pumps are more and more just everywhere. Your new electric car has one for a heater, an increasing number of homeowners are using them to heat domestic hot water, we probably all know a handful of friends and neighbors and business owners who now use them for a majority of their annual building heat, and now? Well, now you can dry your clothes with one!

While these fancy clothes dryers are not cheap and it will take a handful of years to recoup the initial cost. But, the message is clear. Heat pumps are the thing, the new tech, the must have, the money saver, the carbon killer, the footprint shrinker. A friend of mine just landed one of these in their garage. We’re lining up for the field trip!

If you’re looking for energy efficiency while doing laundry, look no further than the heat pump dryer.

Source: A Guide to Get You Pumped About Heat Pump Dryers | Albert Lee | Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue