‘Climate Change Flag’ Chooses JCOF

Climate Change Flag is a new small midwestern business created by former Juneau resident Neal Mathes. Their mission is to be a catalyst for climate action and their new website reads…

We decided to make flags to spark climate conversations.

By flying a climate change flag, you show your commitment to considering the climate impacts of your actions, inspiring others to act, and encouraging public discussion. We believe that productive, informed climate conversations will improve community understanding, drive change, and inspire climate friendly programs and policies.

Our goal is to encourage productive conversations about climate change, one flag at a time. Let’s work together to give climate change the attention it deserves.

When a flag is purchased on their website, the buyer has the choice of having Climate Change Flag offset roughly 100 lbs of carbon dioxide by contributing to one of three offset program. We’re thrilled to see that the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund has made the cut and is one of the three!

The general idea is that when a climate change flag is flown, most folks will not recognize it. An inquiry will be made, a conversation begun, and through elevated awareness and shared knowledge of of the issues, actions can be brainstormed, shared, planned, and enacted.

Two years ago, climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe spoke at UAS about her ceaseless global efforts to spread the word about the climate crisis. She is a firm believer in the idea that Talking About Climate Change Might Be The Most Important Thing You Can Do.

I think Climate Change Flag is on to something good!

Source: Climate Change Flag