We Can All Be ‘Solutionists’

KTOO’s ‘A Juneau Afternoon’ featured Renewable Juneau board member Andy Romanoff today, Wednesday, May 26. Andy was one of ten Juneau residents chosen by Anjuli Grantham for her ‘Juneau Solutionists’ project.

From the Juneau Empire: Anjuli Grantham is a public historian and museum curator who serves on the board of Renewable Juneau and is vice chair of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability. Juneau’s Climate Change Solutionists is a series that features ten local solutions to climate change and ten people who exemplify the solutions. The solutions are based on Project Drawdown, a global project that quantifies the most effective solutions for halting global warming. The series was produced with support from a Juneau ArtWorks grant. It appeared weekly in the Juneau Empire earlier this year.

On A Juneau Afternoon’ Andy chats with KTOO’s Sheli DeLaney about heat pumps, the many nonprofits in Juneau working on climate and energy issues, the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund, and how everyone can be a part of the solution to the climate crisis. Andy quoted Anchorage singer and songwriter Libby Roderick who in Juneau once said that “advocacy is the rent we pay for living on this earth.”

Listen to the interview here. Part 1.