Proterra Partners With Lighting eMotors for Commercial Electric Van!

It seems timely to post a news piece about Proterra. Tomorrow is the formal dedication of Juneau’s first municipal electric bus! Built by Proterra of California, Juneau new Capital Transit electric bus will be the first in the fleet to displace an aging diesel burner. Money will be saved, emissions will be saved, and Juneau will move closer to its goal of being powered 80% with renewable energy by 2045.

Proterra is proud that they source “more than 75 percent of the materials that make up Proterra vehicles right here in the United States.” Their website states, “We’re committed to strengthening the U.S. transit industry and creating jobs here at home through domestic manufacturing.”

And now the terrific news that Proterra is moving into the electric van sector!

Lightning eMotors recently announced that Proterra, an established builder of electric transit vehicles (like city buses), will be providing the company with battery packs for its electric vans. The Lightning Electric Transit is a purpose-built commercial vehicle that can serve as a delivery van, ambulance, school bus, RVs, and more. “Proterra’s batteries are premium technology […]

Lightning eMotors has been building a variety of electric fleet vehicles since 2010, with electric vehicles available since 2017. They’ve done cargo vans, passenger shuttle, work trucks, city buses, and even Class A coaches.

According to Lightning eMotors, the Lightning Electric Transit is the only class 3 electric van available in the U.S. that can accommodate wheelchair lifts, custom floor rails, and custom bus doors.

The van can also be offered as a “repower.” If you have a Ford Transit van, you can take it to Lightning to have an aging ICE powertrain replaced with electric drive.

Source: Proterra Partners With Lighting eMotors for Commercial Electric Van