Alaska can rise to the clean-energy challenge!

Dave Reaves‘ compelling February 15 Anchorage Daily News opinion piece is a powerful call on Alaska to embrace an energy future that so much of the world presently has its eye on. In Dave’s words, “The time to overhaul or legacy systems is now and the need to slow climate change is urgent. We’ve got trained Alaskans to do the work. Let’s do what is right for the planet and our economy and pay workers fairly at the same time. We can rise to the challenge, we have what it takes, plus, it’s just good business.”

Dave is the business manager for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1547.

We have kept up with adapting to the changing needs of energy production and distribution, and we have a workforce that is prepared.

“…already, over 30% power generated in Alaska is produced by renewables and we have more renewable projects ready to be built that are shovel ready, like the addition of new hydropower in Southeast that could add close to 20 megawatts of hydropower to the electrical grid…”

“Through the IBEW and other trades, we have a trained workforce, more up-and-coming apprentices and growing interest in the professional trades among high school students. We are right in line with a clean energy plan that includes diverse, well-trained workers who will earn equal pay and benefits.

Source: Alaska can rise to the clean-energy challenge – Anchorage Daily News