Renewable Juneau at UAS Evening at Egan

Renewable Juneau (RJ) board members John Neary and Kate Troll took to the UAS virtual stage last Friday night for the UAS Evening at Egan lecture series. Their intriguing, inspiring, and motivating talk, hosted by UAS Master of Ceremonies (as well as UAS Dean of Arts & Sciences and Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs), summarized the strategy ‘think-tanking’ of the RJ board of the previous few months.

Without giving away any of the good stuff, I’ll just let you move right on to the YouTube’d copy of their talk, but, in summary, with political will, planning, policy nudges, and creativity over the next decade, Juneau could have a world-class, sea-water heat pump district heating system, an electric bus transit system, a majority proportion of EV’s, a high proportion of housing heated by heat pumps, cruise ships that don’t have to run diesel generators while docked, and local mines running on hydropower instead of diesel. We have all the elements for being Alaska’s model city of sustainability, but no roadmap. John and Kate’s talk provides that crucial roadmap.