Busy Weeks Ahead!

FUN FACT! The month of October is officially National Energy Awareness Month here in the U.S.A.! Below are the calendar items that you need to add to your already full plate!

All of us at Renewable Juneau hope that you have been celebrating Energy Awareness Month – there are so many ways! You can celebrate by driving your EV, installing a new heat pump, loading up on a few more LED bulbs, snugging up that leaky window or door, or anything else that may tickle your energy fancy, save you money, and of course, lower your carbon footprint!

10/21 Heat Pump Leadership Workshop

REAP Energy Speaker Series: On October 21, at noon, tune it to the Renewable Energy AK Project’s Energy Speaker Series to get the latest from Renewable Juneau on the flash mob-like craze over heat pumps taking place in Juneau! It seems as if everyone and their uncle is installing a heat pump these days! Learn more from REAP, RJ, and Alaska Heat Smart experts by preregistering for the event HERE.

10/23 UAS Evening At Egan

On Friday, October 23, the University of Alaska has their COVID-19 virtual format for their legendary Evening At Egan series. Renewable Juneau’s very own John Neary and Kate Troll will present their inspiring conversation on Making Juneau Alaska’s Model City of Sustainability. In short, Juneau has all the elements for being Alaska’s model city of sustainability but no roadmap. This talk will provide that crucial roadmap. Preregister for the Evening at Egan lecture HERE.

10/26 – 10/30 UAF Energy Awareness for Alaskans

Then, if you just can’t get enough of this inspiring and motivating ‘change the world’ brain food, the week of October 26-30 features energy specialist Art Nash hosting a series of four free lunchtime workshops. Sponsored by the UAF CES Anchorage Outreach Center, all workshops begin at noon on the days below. The series includes the following topics:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 27: Proven methods to unlock energy savings at home and on the road
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28: Home weatherization
  • Thursday, Oct. 29: Generating your own heat and power
  • Friday, Oct. 30: Storing electricity with off-the-shelf battery systems and storing heat with thermal mass

Register just once for one or all of the energy awareness UAF presentations HERE.