Got 5 Minutes for the Alaska Electric Vehicle Association?

Lack of fast chargers is a barrier to EV adoption in Alaska and a component of electrical rates called demand charges are a contributing factor. To address this barrier, the Alaska Electric Vehicle Association (AKEVA) is petitioning the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) to take regulatory action to address effect of demand charges on EV fast charging.

If you’re like most folks and have no clue about demand charges, take a look at THIS easy to understand pdf doc that breaks down the differences between regular energy charges and demand charges.

You can support the AKEVA’s petition by sending an email to the RCA at and asking the commission to begin a regulatory process to address EV fast charging. (Copy your email to AKEVA at

Let the RCA know why you think this is important, why you drive an EV or plan on buying one soon, and why you believe that Alaska should keep pace with the ongoing electrification of roads and highways now occurring in the lower 48.

The full text of the petition is HERE.