Construction equipment is going electric…

Allright, I know, these RJ posts lean a bit heavy towards the electric vehicle news. While we are trying to keep these news pieces diverse, the EV realm is really moving…fast. This is truly an exciting industry and one that is very fun to watch. The speed of this change makes me think of those two images from 5th Avenue, NYC in 1900 and 1913, “where’s the car?” and  “where’s the horse?” Check them out here. Imagine South Franklin St images from 2018 and 2028, “where’s the Leaf?” and “where’s the diesel truck?”

Volvo CE, the Volvo Group’s construction equipment subsidiary, announced that it will stop development of diesel engine-based compact wheel loaders and compact excavators in order to sell electric versions instead.

Source: Construction equipment is going electric, Volvo CE now favors electric over diesel for smaller machines – Electrek