2018: A Year of Progress

As 2018 passes, Renewable Juneau would like to share some of our progress, thank you for past assistance, and ask for your financial support for the coming year.  We accomplished a lot this year, and with your help we’re aiming to do more in 2019.

It’s easy to donate on our secure donation page which you can find here.

Here are some of our 2018 accomplishments:

  • We continued our education and outreach campaign encouraging adoption of air source heat pumps– spreading the word that these innovative heating devices save money while reducing carbon emissions.
  • Our Heat Pump 101 Educational Workshop drew 120 participants this year, more than double that of last year’s workshop.
  • We helped gain passage of the CBJ’s Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy in February, and pushed for implementation of its recommendations.
  • We pioneered a political candidate election questionnaire about climate solutions and renewable energy. Nearly 1000 people received the candidate’s answers to our survey questions. Word spread to other stateside organizations who followed our lead and developed surveys for their own local candidates.
  • Renewable Juneau participated in the ongoing planning process for the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area, advocating for electric buses and boats, remote off-site parking with a transportation circulator, and construction of energy efficient new facilities.
  • We reviewed and commented on the work of Governor Walker’s Climate Action Leadership Team.
  • We lobbied for this past session’s successful On Bill Financing legislation, aimed at lowering the financial hurdles that often present challenges to those looking to implement household energy efficiency measures. 
  • We assisted CBJ staff in applying for funds to continue the transition of the city’s diesel bus fleet to electric, and were delighted that the CBJ was awarded new funding.
  • We provided information and pushed for public education sessions and a Regulatory Commission Juneau hearing on issues related to the possible purchase of AELP and Avista by Canadian-owned Hydro One.
  • We arranged for donation of valuable consulting services from EESI and Collaborative Efficiency, as a contribution to the collaborative Heat Pump Accelerator program that we’ve helped get underway.

2019 will be even busier as we support implementation of the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy, electrification of private and public transportation, and stronger policies for applying renewable energy.  We’re already organizing a spring Heat Pump and Energy Efficiency Workshop and we’ll continue to spearhead conversations to accelerate heat pump adoption throughout Juneau, including a focus on low income households. Additionally, we will be going live soon with a updated website and news blog, and we’ll continue to expand our outreach via social media and print materials. (Be sure to like us at facebook.com/renewablejuneau!).

We run a frugal operation, with volunteers and a working board, but we do incur expenses for our outreach efforts, meeting and workshop space rentals, as well as for printing, web maintenance and other media expenses. As we seek to expand heat pump adoption to all segments of our community, we’ll need additional funds for occasional consultations with national experts, teleconferences, and speakers. 

Tax deductible donations can be made directly and safely
through our donation page.

Thank you in advance for thinking of Renewable Juneau during this holiday season.
We wish you peace, joy and a low carbon 2019.