A Flawed Study

Renewable Juneau has sent the city our comments on the recent draft study on dock electrification from the CBJ Docks and Harbors Committee. In short, it needs a great deal of work.

The dock electrification study was funded by the CBJ Assembly in 2019 to begin design and construction of dock electrification infrastructure and provide objective information and policy options. It appears that Docks and Harbors allowed Alaska Electric Light & Power (AEL&P) to craft the scope and details (or lack thereof) of the RFP for the study. When Docks and Harbors re-crafted the RFP study design, they effectively sabotaged CBJ’s effort to receive a full and complete analysis of options to achieve the CBJ goals and to compete effectively for federal funding. (CBJ lost its bid for nearly $20 million in federal RAISE funds, 80% of the project cost.) 

The study needs major revisions, with strong direction from the CBJ Assembly, in cooperation with the Juneau Commission on Sustainability, whose role is to represent public interest and advise the CBJ on sustainability topics and issues.

Renewable Juneau documents eight recommendations and the rationale for offering these them HERE in our submitted comments.

  • Expand the discussion of benefits beyond just Green-house Gas (GHG) emission to include the full range of direct and secondary benefits resulting from dock electrification
  • Update and expand the analysis of optimal ways to electrify docks and connect cruise ships to provide options/solutions 
  • Ask AEL&P to identify options for providing adequate power for dock electrification and to meet the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy (JRES) goals 
  • Request expert, independent assistance to conduct an analysis that compares options and rate structures for firm/interruptible power for dock electrification
  • Use the expertise of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability (JCOS) prior to finalizing and approving the study report
  • Identify and discuss options for working with the cruise industry on their use and financing of dock electrification
  • Consult with an independent and qualified municipal advisor about financing options
  • Work with an experienced dock electrification contractor to outline efficient and effective connect/disconnect times of ships to shore power 

We believe this study, if revised to address the flaws of needing more complete information, a discussion of options for modern and effective dock electrification, and consultation with independent experts for analyses on the financial impacts on rates for firm and interruptible power, can provide CBJ with the tools needed to make an effective and forward-thinking policy decision on this hugely popular public issue.

Keep your eyes open for a message from Renewable Juneau about contacting the CBJ Assembly. Meanwhile, read our comments HERE​​!