Save $$ and Slash Emissions!

Learn more about saving money and slashing your carbon emissions TOMORROW at 350Juneau’s Climate Change Emergency Friday Event!

Every Friday at noon, Juneau climate action nonprofit 350Juneau holds an informative, educational, and inspiring climate awareness event, near the bear sculpture at the foot of the Capitol steps. Tomorrow, don’t miss heat pump experts from around town as they share their wisdom about these cutting-edge home and business heating systems.

Steve Behnke, a founding board member of Alaska Heat Smart, will speak to us about the new Thermalize Juneau project, Alaska’s first “thermalize” campaign to lower the cost of heat pumps for homeowners through a group purchase program. He will talk about the benefits of the program, which include significant reductions in heating bills and carbon emissions, and how to get involved. So far about 150 people have registered for the program, and it’ll be open through April.

We’ll also hear about the Renewable Juneau’s Carbon Offset Fund (JCOF) that installs air source heat pumps in homes of qualified lower income Juneau families. This is an ongoing program open to applications that is managed by Renewable Juneau as well as the JCOF Advisory Committee.

If you can’t make it in person the event will be live streamed on the 350 Juneau Facebook page. Hope to see you there!