Renewable Juneau board member Anjuli Grantham was 350Juneau’s featured speaker yesterday at the weekly Climate Emergency Rally at the Juneau Capitol steps.
(Watch the video HERE!)

Anjuli introduced her latest climate action project, a fantastic ten-section body of work entitled Juneau’s Climate Change Solutionists. Her ‘solutionists’ project focuses on local people, local action, and the simple idea that solutions are readily available, from any one of us.

According to renowned climate scientist and Christian climate activist Katharine Hayhoe, Anjuli’s project is a part of the solution – Hayhoe frequently points out that one of the most important things that any of us can do is to talk about the problem and solutions.
Anjuli’s project does just that.

She has taken ten local individuals and shared her ten conversations, highlighting the unique climate solution that each individual has chosen to tackle. From energy production, to protection of native forests, to food security, and the promotion of electric vehicles, Juneau has an active and robust climate and energy community.

What are your special skills? What are you good at and what do you like to do? How can you attach these talents to a climate and energy solution? The larger this work force grows, the more progress we’ll see, and the brighter a future that we may all realize. Reach out to Renewable Juneau, 350Juneau, Interfaith Power and Light, Juneau Composts, and others, to lend a hand, offer your support, to be a part of the solution.

From the Juneau Empire: Anjuli Grantham is a public historian and museum curator who serves on the board of Renewable Juneau and is Vice Chair of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability. Juneau’s Climate Change Solutionists is a series that features 10 local solutions to climate change and 10 people who exemplify the solutions. The solutions are based on Project Drawdown, a global project that quantifies the most effective methods for halting global warming. The series was produced with support from a Juneau ArtWorks grant. It appears weekly in the Empire.
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