Do you remember the lyrics, “I feel – that we’ve been – here before” from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s timeless 1970 release ‘Deja Vu’? These words ring true today as we enter round ?? of the Forest Service’s Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area planning process. (Question marks are intentional! and for those who don’t know the song, now’s your time…here’s the album!)

OK…where were we…oh yes, the Mendenhall.

Your comments on the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area planning are due by this coming Friday, January 15th.
You can submit them on the planning web site’s comment page HERE.

Renewable Juneau urges you to stay strong, keep your chin up, show us your finest optimistic smile and offer up a scant handful of time to send your thoughts and concerns to the planning team. Yes, it’s frustrating. Yes, many of us feel that we are not being listened to. Yes, there is a powerful opportunity here for the Forest Service to work with the city, to join with the increasing momentum that renewable energy is gathering, and to address the climate crisis that is presently altering the very landscape occupied by the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area.

Renewable Juneau submitted comments to the planning team last week. Read them HERE. In a nutshell, we are seeking: to avoid the filling of wetlands to create large bus parking lots close to the lake; to only allow electric tourism boats on the lake (view FaceBook page of local electric boat builder Tongass Rain HERE); to convert visitor facility heating systems from oil to renewable energy-powered air or ground source heat pumps; and to demonstrate to one of Alaska’s largest visitor populations solutions that do not burn fossil fuels and do not contribute greenhouse gases to our atmosphere.

The USFS planning site for this project can be found HERE.

Can we count on you? Please, just take a few moments. Use of the planning team’s comment link makes submission quick and easy. Just visit the page, enter your personal info and comments, hit submit. Done. Cross it off your list. Feel good.

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