This coming Saturday, we call on your and your EV to join the parade!

Juneau will host a ‘safe-in your vehicle’ Juneau EV Road Rally on Saturday, September 26th! Electric vehicles will congregate at the Juneau District Heating Lot at 300 Egan Drive with a take off time of 11 AM. The Rally, with hopefully well over 100 electric vehicles, will convoy through the Juneau area on a predesignated route.

The 2020 Juneau EV Road Rally is supported by the Juneau Electric Vehicle Association, Juneau Hydropower, IBEW 1547, Renewable Juneau, and the Mendenhall Auto Center.

A Juneau EV show of force is helping to transform Alaska’s Capital City to a cleaner and more resilient renewable energy powered community. Juneau is one of our nation’s leaders in the accelerating local, national, and global transition away from gas-fueled cars to electric vehicles. Interestingly, and while no statistics exist to verify this, you probably will not find any other capital city in America where all three elected members of our State delegation (Jessie Kiehl, Sarah Hannan, Andi Story) drive electric vehicles. A growing number of our Assembly members drive electric vehicles too!

Register your EV here and take part in Juneau’s exciting transformation! Tell your friends, tell your family, share the link, and help to move the electrification needle forward!