GM’s Ultium Battery Factory Is Sprouting Up In Ohio

More encouraging indicators that EVs are here to stay. And another positive corporate indicator of the economic impact that renewables are having on our economy.

It’s always hard to tell what level of vision and enthusiasm for electric vehicles the top executives of legacy automakers actually hold in their heads and hearts. They are trained to put out positive PR, and they may do that one day regarding some electric vehicle (EV) plans while also having lobbyists in DC (or Mar-a-Lago) at the same time trying to corrupt fuel economy regulations. However, putting cash money into a big EV battery factory is a good demonstration of an actual vision and commitment.

More than 1,100 jobs are expected to be produced in Northeast Ohio for the Ultium battery factory. In these times of low economic activity and opportunity, that must be especially appreciated in those communities. Hopefully that will bring an appreciation for the EV and broader cleantech transition and the electric vehicles GM eventually produces around those Ultium battery cells.

Source: GM’s Ultium Battery Factory Is Sprouting Up In Ohio