The Kids Have Decided!

The kids of 10th Street Trees have chosen the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund for their 2019 charitable donation!

10th St Trees logo

10th Street Trees, a family run business in downtown Juneau, has been selling Christmas trees out of their yard for the past decade. Every year the three siblings, Elias, Toby and Molly Minick, have chosen a charity to donate to. This year, they will be giving $5 from the sale of every tree to the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund. The family likes the Fund’s dual mission of offsetting our carbon footprint while helping their lower-income friends and neighbors reduce heating costs.

10th Street Trees can be found at:
723 West 10th Street, near the Federal Building.

Last we knew, they still had trees to sell!

The entire board of Renewable Juneau sends a heartfelt and hearty THANK YOU to the Minick family for their overly generous support of the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund! We are honored to be chosen by Elias, Toby and Molly!

If you would like to follow the lead of the Minick kids, we have a Facebook fundraiser under way! Check it out HERE, share it with your friends, or just visit the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund webpage for more info!