Success because climate action works! Success because carbon offsetting in Juneau is now eliminating carbon emissions! Success because the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund just slashed the heating bills for a recent cancer survivor who has called Douglas her home for decades.

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund has dedicated its first round of carbon offset revenues to the elimination of 700 annual gallons of heating oil in a 1904 home in Douglas, Alaska! If you are one of the couple hundred carbon footprint reducing offset purchasers and businesses to date, you can rest assured that your offset dollars are now working to eliminate more than 8 tons of carbon dioxide annually!

“First! I can’t believe that the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund and Renewable Juneau chose me as the first recipient of renewable energy heating through their carbon offset program! No more oil, no more oil bills, no more diesel smell. Clean, dry, quiet, warm, and I’m told, at half the monthly cost! I just survived cancer treatment and as a retired and single woman with limited income, this clean energy addition to my 1904 Douglas home takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you Renewable Juneau! I actually feel like I’m now living in a real home! My feet are warm!”

Jan Gonce, Douglas, Alaska

The Juneau Carbon Offset Fund’s second round of offset revenues will be eliminating carbon dioxide and the burning of nearly 500 gallons annually in a valley home later this week! Combined, these first two projects will eliminate nearly 13.5 tons of CO2 each year. And, a third home is currently being sought!

What You Can Do!

If you are one of the many who feel helpless and lost in the climate crisis, offsetting some of your annual impact can and does work. These first two carbon elimination projects prove it! First and foremost, reduce your impact at home and in your day-to-day activities. You’ll find that there are some activities that you can have little effect over and these are where you can apply some offsetting. Visit the Juneau Carbon Offset website to learn more, to purchase your offsets, or to start a monthly offset subscription! From now until mid-December we are featuring holiday offsetting where you can gift offsets to friends and family!

Special thanks…

… are due to the contractors who helped with this first project. David Nash of Panhandle Heat Pumps installed the unit and Carter Lesh of Shaka Electric LLC performed the electrical work needed to tie the panel and pump together. (Richard Hayes of SE Electric will be performing the electrical work on our 2nd installation.) Thanks also to the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund’s advisory committee and to the Renewable Juneau board of directors! And, a special thanks to Jan’s good friend Meg Cartwright who was an invaluable help to Jan in making this possible.