Designing “CarFree” Cities to Welcome Millions Fleeing Rapid Sea Level Rise

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Juneau’s Bill Leighty of The Leighty Foundation, recently presented at the 2019 American Society of Mechanical Engineers – International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in Salt Lake City.

Humanity’s attempts at “mitigation” of “climate change” — the suite of imminent and future dangers caused by unrestrained burning of fossil fuels and forests … will be inadequate to prevent rapid sea level rise. Thousands, then millions, of internally displaced persons (IDP’s) — in the USA alone, and many millions, worldwide — will abandon low-lying coastal areas and migrate upland, generally inland.

In this very informative presentation, Bill asks, “Might this be our opportunity to correct our grand error at the end of WW2, of building our cities for cars instead of for people ?”

Bill is seeking feedback on this presentation and is hoping to incorporate useful comments and critique into a more refined version for future use. Contact Bill with your thoughts and feedback at

Below, is a bonus 10-minute “Innovation Short” that Kate troll and Bill presented at JEDC’s 2018 Innovation Summit. It’s a good companion piece to Bill’s “Car-Free Cities” presentation.