Juneau Community Foundation

Renewable Juneau’s Carbon Offset Fund has just become a project of the Juneau Community Foundation!  As one of their portfolio of special projects, this new relationship places the finances of the Carbon Offset Fund (your purchased offsets and the grants we recommend) under the expert and respected management of Juneau’s Community Foundation.

The Juneau Community Foundation’s mission is to promote philanthropy and effectively respond to the needs of our community to create a healthy, safe, and culturally rich environment. The vision of the Foundation is to make your giving meaningful, effective and enjoyable by connecting you with the people and organizations that work to make Juneau a better place.

The Juneau Community Foundation:

  • Serves as a leader and resource for philanthropy.
  • Builds and permanently holds a growing endowment.
  • Provides flexible, cost-effective ways for donors to improve their community now and in the future.
  • Convenes, facilitates, stakeholder dialogue to establish priority needs.
  • Promotes cooperation and collaboration among funding organizations and service providers.
  • Makes grants to positively affect the lives of Juneau’s residents.