Blueprint Downtown – Proactive vs Reactive!

This is a GREAT opportunity for all of us to weigh in on the future of Juneau’s ‘downtown’ and a chance to give input proactively vs reactively!

If you haven’t done so yet, set aside about 20 minutes of free time to complete the survey on the Blueprint Downtown website. Share this out with your friends and family as this is one of those rare opportunities when your input is asked for, not a time when you’re reacting to a decision that has already been made!

As singer/songwriter Libby Roderick stated while performing here last fall,
“Advocacy is the rent we pay for living on this earth.”

Source: Blueprint Downtown – Downtown Juneau’s Area Plan

Blueprint Downtown is a planning effort of the City and Borough of Juneau’s Community Development Department, with facilitation by MRV Architects, Lucid Reverie, and Sheinberg Associates.