Assembly to Decide on Kiehl Seat

Renewable Juneau developed a renewable energy and climate questionnaire that was sent this last Saturday morning (January 5) to all seven candidates with a Monday deadline and four complied. We telephone contacted the remaining three and also followed up with a resending of the questionnaire via email. The four candidates that responded were: Alicia Hughes-Skandijs, Chris Peloso, Meilani Schijvens, and Kate Troll. The remaining candidates did not respond. We do acknowledge the fact that we were only able to provide a total of 72 hours response time.

We provided the responsive candidates’ answers to our four sustainability questions to both the mayor and current assembly members. The candidates were able to expose their views and what actions they would consider and take on the Juneau Climate Action and Implementation Plan (JCAIP) GHG gas reduction goal of 25% by 2032; the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy (JRES) 80% renewable energy goal by 2045 to use electricity for space heating and transportation, and in supporting the development of new sources of renewable energy.

TAKE A LOOK AT THE QUESTIONNAIRE AND RESPONSES HERE. Please share your thoughts on the candidates with the assembly by sending an email to: Interviews of candidates will take place on Jan 10 and a decision looks to be pending for Jan 14. So, time is of the essence if you’d like your opinion to be heard.