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Climate sanity. Economic vitality. Quality of life. 

Promoting local renewable energy to create a healthy, prosperous, and low-carbon future for Juneau.

Our Campaigns

Climate Sanity. Quality of Life. Economic Vitality. 

Juneau has a long tradition of using local hydropower for electricity. Building on that legacy, CBJ adopted the Climate Change Action and Implementation Plan in 2011. And yet by 2017, Juneau's greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. It's time to embrace the climate crisis as an opportunity to improve our quality of life and our economy. By increasing efficiency, harnessing abundant local resources, and adopting policies in line with those goals, Juneau will be healthier, more resilient, and more prosperous. Because we already get 100% of our electricity from responsible hydropower, we have a major advantage compared to communities struggling to meet this target. That gives us the opportunity to lead on fossil free heating and transportation. Juneau could be the first carbon-free state capitol in the US! With our cool weather and abundant rain, we can serve as a model for other communities, a beacon of relative stability in an increasingly unstable climate.